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Online Ordering Platform

Sabka Mandi

Digitizing distribution trade network of India

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The market is now open 24x7!

Sabka Mandi is an intuitive and easy-to-use online ordering platform that allows retailers to submit all of their purchase orders to their authorized distributors from one portal without waiting for the distributor salesmen.




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Connecting Retailers and Distributors to streamline buying and selling

For Retailers
  • Single digital app for multiple authorised distributors
  • 24*7 ordering flexibility
  • Connect with all distributors
  • No Stock outs
  • More SKU exposure
  • Reduction in inventory cycle and working capital
  • Higher consumer focus
For Distributors
  • Digitised way of receiving orders instantly
  • Display entire product lines to retailers
  • Improved market coverage and higher penetration
  • Automated real time pricing update
  • Reduction in market credit
  • No sales loss
  • Improved operational flexibility & efficiency
For Companies
  • Key selling SKUs are always available on the shelf
  • Improved market penetration
  • Realtime sales tracking
  • Mutli level off-takes insights
  • Realtime communication with all retailers
  • Higher consumer satisfaction
  • Post factor analysis to data driven decision making

For the Retailers with the Distributors


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